Without these truly special people, this would not be possible. We will never be able to thank them enough for their kind hearts and generosity.

Colorado Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators · US Air Force Academy Cadets · Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sausker · Col. and Mrs. Jon Jackson · Col. and Mrs. Jon Gallo · Dr. and Mrs. James Dunlap · Dr. Rebecca Brhel · Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kelm · Ms. Jena Sanchez · Ms. Mary Virden · Ms. Ann Woolard · Ms. Teri Buck · Mr. Dan Oldfield · Mr. and Mrs. Bill Turner · Mr. and Mrs. Bob Damphousse · Mr. Zac Mikash · Mr. Dan Woolard · Ms. Kathy Meyer · Ms. Penny Allen · Ms. Terri Collins · Ms. Kris Wagner · Mr. Darrell Tate · Ms. Jeannie Giustra · Ms. Cindy Sharp · Ms. Julie Lawton · Ms. Diane Richmond · Ms. Carolyn Altfather · Ms. Karen Jonas and Mr. John Mikle · Ms. Ainsley Black · Ms. Grace Hypolite · Ms. Becky Albright · Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kana · Ms. Alisa Winkel · Deer Creek Animal Hospital · Franktown Animal Clinic · Tendercare Animal Hospital

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