Welcome to The Fox Den

Nestled in the shade of Ponderosa pines and Gambel Oak on Spruce Mountain is a safe haven for wildlife. We accept orphaned and injured small and medium mammals for rehabilitation and re-release back into the wild. The pay is lousy and the hours are bad but the satisfaction realized when a wild animal is returned to its home in the wild makes it well worth it!

When they arrive at our facility, they are evaluated for a course of treatment. Depending on their injuries, if any, they are isolated and evaluated. If only orphaned, a like-sized "friend" of the same species is found for them to bond with. They heal; they grow and learn - in quiet seclusion, with only the wind and other wild creatures for company. Human interaction is kept to a bare minimum so they aren't habituated. Fresh food and water is plentiful. The cages they are housed in are far out of the way of human eyes.

When the time is right and they are found to be of suitable size and temperament, they are released back into the wild. Our hope is that they survive and thrive somewhere around our mountain home.

*Donations of food (fruits, veggies and meat) and money are gladly accepted!